Search vice president of Yarmouk University for Academic Affairs Dr. Ziad al-Saad with the CEO of Jordan Telecom Group "Orange" Mr. Jerome Heinak ways to enhance the prospects of existing scientific cooperation between the Yarmouk and the company, with the signing of a sponsorship agreement between the two sides.
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Saad stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Yarmouk and Orange leader in the field of telecommunications in order to achieve the true meaning of partnership of academic and industrial sectors, pointing out that such cooperation is exemplified in the company which was established in 2004 in a complex academic leadership of Excellence Faculty Hijjawi Technological Engineering incubator, Laboratory Orange Yarmouk who shares creative and effectively to create a unique training environment for college students provides them with all the skills and knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market efficiently and effectively, especially since these outstanding students are able to bring about the desired positive change in society.
Saad said that the Yarmouk covet for further cooperation with Orange privately held company in the field of communications technology and modern services.
For his part, Mr. Hanieck praised the academic and scientific excellence level students Hijjawi College at Yarmouk who have demonstrated through their training and their work in the company's incubator and creative laboratory over the competence and qualifications, which enabled them to provide and prepare many of the ideas and creative projects and creative, as well as excellence Yarmouk graduates who Itbooan different positions in company.
He stressed the company's eagerness to play a pivotal role in supplying the communications and information technology sector in Jordan scientific competencies qualified in the field of scientific and academic research through partnerships that industry and business sectors gathered with higher education institutions to provide educational and training environment able to graduate competencies qualified and trained to enter the job market.
During the meeting, the signing of the sponsorship agreement between the two sides stated that the company is to provide the necessary care for laboratory Orange Yarmouk creative by providing the laboratory with computers and all supplies technology and applications needed to create a training outstanding students learning environment, and to support their projects and creative ideas, including cost (10,000) dinars , so that the laboratory under the direction and supervision of the Academy of leadership Excellence compound in Yarmouk University, which has the intellectual property rights for applications submitted by students, which must be consistent with generally accepted applications strategy in Jordan, and that fit with the overall national interest.
The agreement also stipulates that the company holds two Tdrebetn for students in the laboratory to include training and technical skills, and provide an opportunity employment for students in Yarmouk highly qualified, as the agreement showed how the foundations of students' choice to join the lab, how to choose creative ideas entrepreneurial, and quality assurance, by a committee composed of both parties.
The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs Dr. Jamal Obaudolh, and Dean Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering, and a number of officials at the university and the company.
It is noteworthy that the laboratory Orange Yarmouk Creative offers the opportunity to train students in the Department of Computer Engineering for the development and manufacturing programs in the field of cellular applications, games, and websites, in order to promote basic skills among students, and marketing of products carried out by the students through Orange in an effort to turn some of these products to emerging companies are able to pay the national development.