The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) has been held simultaneously over the past eleven years around the world for one week in the middle of November. This year’s GEW 2020 will be held from November 16th through the 22nd.
You are invited to be part of Jordan Startup Pitch Competitions (for university students). One-week competition focusing on university students. Each university will hold a small competition for its students; the competition will focus mainly on the business model canvas, and how to pitch. The winners from universities will compete to get the first place among Jordanian Universities on the last day of the week.

To participate, please fill the form at

Be noticed that the deadline for receiving applications is Oct. 29, 2020.

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Are you a graduate student (project 1 or project 2) and your project is almost done but need to build it as a prototype?

Luminus ShamalStart would like to invite you to participate in the "Make it Happen Challenge".
This golden opportunity allows student access to the first of its kind fabrication laboratory "FabLab Irbid" to design and build their final projects.

Participants will present their project and compete in the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" to win a prize and move one step closer to the chance to be incubated at Luminus ShamalStart Incubator.

Accepted applicants will receive one month of free access to use the advanced machinery at FabLab Irbid and only pay for raw material to build their graduation project.

Phases and timeline:
Phase 1: Applications Open,(launch on the 15th of September until the 10th of October)
Phase 2: Access to FabLab (15th of October until the 15 of November)
Phase3: Project Presentations at GEW (17th of November).

Apply now assemble your team and may the best team win!

Competition Link:

Academic leadership compound of Excellence at Yarmouk University organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Orange Jordan Company for a number of students in the complex, five-day trip.

The workshop which trained Hanan Khader from "Hello World Kids" Foundation lectured a group of examples of entrepreneurship, and how the idea sequence, developed and marketed to compete in obtaining support and turn it into an emerging company, the workshop included a practical application to a range of ideas that Orange Jordan Company will be adopting to turn into startup companies.

Ketor Muwaffaq Otoum Commissary Manager pointed out that the university is keen to hold such practical workshops to help students turn their ideas creative to firms help boost the national economy, and motivation to innovate and overcome traditional employment barriers, wishing that the university develop a compulsory course for students of the university for Entrepreneurship.